The Art Nude

Historically the nude form has fascinated artists more than any other subject. From prehistoric art dating 25,000 years old, to "Aphrodite of Melos" in 150 BC and Edouard Manet's "Olympia" in 1863, the nude form has been celebrated and admired for thousands of years.
While photography is embraced as a legitimate form of art, photography of the nude is nonetheless controversial; perhaps due to it's realism. But isn't realism one of the attributes sought by many artists? I don't subscribe to the notion that photography is a form of art unless it is a nude photograph and it would be unfortunate to see some of the greatest works of art pushed aside simply because those cultures and societies didn't accept the art form of the day because it was too "realistic."
I see the human form as God's greatest creation. It is an inspirational work of art itself and the saying that "good artists copy while great artists steal" is apropos. I can't copy God's creation, but I do want to steal it away to celebrate and preserve it.
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